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The Blue Hour Anthology is 155 pages of poetry, prose, photographs, painting, and sculpture. It features a vast array of styles and subjects, perspectives and life experiences.

It boasts some of our favorite and highest quality pieces that were published in our online magazine, thebluehourmagazine.com, between November 2012 and March 2013.

This book was professionally printed with a perfect binding. It is printed in full color, on high quality paper, measures 5×7 inches and has a soft cover featuring two original photographs.

This listing is currently for pre sale of the book. It is being printed as we speak and should be available for shipping by the end of March. You will receive an email when your book is shipped.

Contributor list:
Aaron Poller, Adrian Theze, Afzal Moolla, Allie Marini Batts, Ambarin Afsar, Anne Bradshaw, Anne Britting Olsen, Annmarie Lockhart, Anthony Ward, Art Heifetz, Bruce Ruston, BZ Niditch, Calla Devlin, Carol Ellis, Carolyn Martin, Cher Bibler, Christy O Donnell, Constantine Mountrakis, Corey Mesler, David Schmidt, Donal Mahoney, Ed O’Dwyer, Elisha Stam, Elizabeth Cook, Elizabeth Derkson, Gale Acuff, Gerry Fabian, Gunta Norman, Heather Minettte, Ivan Jenson, James Babbs, Jason O’Rourke, Jay Coral, Jay Levon, Jeremy Nathan Marks, Jessica Miller, Jilliam Lukiwski, Joanna Lee, John Lee Clark, John W. Sexton, Joseph Briggs, Kerry Hormann, Liza Paizis, Lorraine Caputo, Mark Jackley, Martin Willitts, Meredith Szturm, Michele Seminara, Miguel Jacq, Mitchell Grabois, Moriah LaChapell, Nathaniel S. Rounds, Nirvair Singh Rai, Pamela Arlov, Paul Hostovsky, Philip Vermaas, Rafael Ayala Paez, Ray Sharp, Rebecca Gaffron, Russell Streur, Scott Clendaniel, Susan Hughes, Susan Sweetland Garay, William Doreski

ISBN-10: 0989013707
ISBN-13: 978-0-9890137-0-3

Sample poems::

Fear (noun, verb)

Today, in my
personal thesaurus,
there were 33
synonyms for fear.
Yesterday, there
were only 32.

by Corey Mesler


I will never ask you to step out of the sliding door of an airplane,
to free-fall through the clouds
with only an altimeter and your faith in the parachute’s packing
to guide you back down to earth,
for you to tumble the miles of ozone and sky
as proof that you are brave enough to love me as much as you love
the solidity of the dirt beneath your boots.
I will only ask that you are brave enough to jump

by Allie Marini Batts

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