• Image of Blue Hour Anthology Volume 3
  • Image of Blue Hour Anthology Volume 3
  • Image of Blue Hour Anthology Volume 3

The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Three is 190 pages of poetry, prose and art. This book features a vast array of expression. The editors selected some of their favorite and highest quality pieces that were published on our website during 2014.

This book was professionally printed with a perfect binding. It is printed in full color, on high quality paper, measures 5×7 inches and has a soft cover featuring two original photographs

Contributor Names

Abigail McCarthy
Adena Bailey
Alex Nodopaka
Ally Malinenko
Amanda Tollett
Anne Britting Oleson
Anthony Ward
Anthony J. Langford
April Michelle Bratten
April Salzano
Aprilia Zank
Art Heifetz
Bianca Jacq
Bud Smith
Byron Beynon
Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas
Changming Yuan
Christopher Rupley
Conrad Schafman
Constantine Mountrakis
Courtney Bradshaw
Craig Kurtz
Donal Mahoney
Edward O’Dwyer
Erik Moshe
Frederick Pollack
Gary Priest
Gina Marie Lazar
Heather Minette
Howie Good
Isablino Anastasio Guzman
J. K. Durick
James Owens
Jay Sizemore
Jean Byrne
Jeremy Nathan Marks
Jill London
John Bradley
John Dorsey
John Grochalski
John Nooney
John Sibley Williams
John Swain
Jon Bennett
Joris Soedling
Kate Horowitz
Kelly Ann Jacobson
Lewis R Humphries
Lurana Brown
Marianne Szlyk
Mark Murphy
Mather Schneider
Michael McCabe
Michele Seminara
Miguel Jacq
Moriah LaChapell
Nelson Mongiovi
Nick Gerrard
Nicole Fry
Nicole LaChapell
Perry L. Powell
Phoebe Moriarty Lev
Philip Vermaas
Richard Schnap
Shelby Dale DeWeese
Steve Fiffer
Stuart Barnes
Suchoon Mo
Susan Sweetland Garay
Tom Darin Liskey
Weslyn Rae Newburn