• Image of The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two


The Blue Hour Anthology is 209 pages of poetry, prose, photographs,
painting, and sculpture. It features a vast array of styles and
subjects, perspectives and life experiences.

It contains some of our favorite and highest quality pieces that were
published in our online magazine, thebluehourmagazine.com, between
March 2013 and June 2013.

This book was professionally printed with a perfect binding. It is
printed in full color, on high quality paper, measures 5x7 inches and
has a soft cover featuring two original photographs.

ISBN-10: 0989013723

Adam Riglian, Adena Bailey, A.G. Dumas, Ally Malinenko, Anjumon Sahin,April Michelle Bratten, Aprilia Zank, Ashley Strain, B.A. Varghese,Bernadette McCabe, Brandi Reynolds, Byron Beynon, Casey Coviello,Catfish McDaris, Conrad Schafman, D.A. Pratt, David Bader, Dawn Schout, Dawnell Harrison, Donal Mahoney, Elizabeth Cook, Ernest Williamson, Frank Reardon, Gail Goepfert, Gillian Prew, Gina Marie Lazar, Glenn Johnson, Heather Minette, Heidi Benson, Ivan Jenson, James H. Duncan, James Owens, Janet McCann, Jeffrey Graessley, Jeremy Nathan Marks, Jessica Miller, Joan McNerney, Joe Donnelley, John Grochalski, John Swain, Jon Bennet, Joseph Briggs, Joy Bye, Katie Gebler, Ken Windsor, Kevin Ridgeway, Lorainne Caputo, Marc Carver, Mari Sanchez Cayuso, Marianne Szlyk, Marcia Pradzinski, Mark Redford, Marlena Stewart, Matthew Harrison, Maureen Sudlow, Michael C. Keith, Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke, Michael Keshigan, Michele Seminara, Miguel Jacq, Mitchell Krochmalnik Grabois, Moriah LaChapell, Nishant Verma, Peter L. Scacco, Philip Vermaas, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Rohit Gautam, Ronald Moran, Russell Streur, Susan Daniels, Susana Case, Susie
Sweetland Garay

Sample poems::

before a shut door tore
     home into reverberation
     echoes of mispronunciations
     your name.
before the lines cut
     a string between two cans.
     treetop smiles to name the birds
     all the wrong things.

     and i call this memory
     a photograph: captured grace
     in the digital paints, and a smile

that lingers, forgiven
even before the door shut.

By Jeffrey Graessley


What they don’t tell you when you’re struggling
Is how beautiful the struggle is
How one day you’ll look back on those days
As the most gold tinted of your life

What they don’t tell you when things become comfortable
And you don’t have to sweat and reach for every little thing
Is that comfort is insidious
That it puts up walls painted in pretty colors
To hide the institutional grey underneath
How tendrils come up from the couch
Pretty little clinging vines that tighten when you try to move

What they don’t tell you is the walls are made of cardboard
That bend and mildew when it rains
That the tendrils grow tiny thorns that irritate the skin
That soon the embrace of comfort becomes hands around your neck

When that happens, you have two choices
You can stop resisting and accept your pretty prison
Convincing yourself that you aren’t settling
That really, this is such a nice little life
And comfort just likes you a whole lot and doesn’t mean to be suffocating
Or you can begin the process of disentangling the vines
And knocking down the walls.

I suggest your motions be covert at first,
Snipping away thorns when comfort has it’s back turned
Tiny movements to prepare for the break

But soon, you’ll just have to take that leap
Wrench comfort’s hands away
And kick the walls down

I promise you, it’s the only way you’ll remember that your alive.

By Brandi Reynolds

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