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In the depths of all seasons, there is mystery and wonder, love and childlike dreams. Approximate Tuesday is touching, soulful and genuine.

Shannon Lynette, author of Lady on a Wire and editor at Lady Chaos Press

Susie has a special way of writing with lovely, delicate language while maintaining power, strength, and meaning in each poem. Approximate Tuesday is filled with wisdom, growth, an appreciation for life and the earth, and a wide array of feelings of the human experience. Her poems are honest, intimate, and delivered with a unique voice.

Heather Minette, author of Rooftops and Other Poems

Susan’s poems radiate with the beauty of the natural world. She captures and honors our harmonies and disharmonies–the sense of wonderment of a life lived in perpetual discovery, the sense of reverence in the understanding that we are subject to the caprices of some much larger force of which the natural world is only a shroud through which the viewer can access the sacred. Her poems are composed with the seeming ease and loquacity of a Walt Whitman poem, yet like a Jane Kenyon poem they are content to rest in the silence of open spaces, where they contemplate (and struggle to accept) the fact of our impermanence.

Brian Le Lay
Writer and Editor at Electric Windmill Press