• Image of Fault Zones by Russell Streur

Russell Streur has won accolades for excellence as a poet, an editor and a photographer. It shows in this collection. He has the power to make you laugh, make you cry and perhaps worry you a bit. But the best thing is, he will surprise. Just when you think you know where his thoughts are going, a well-chosen word will spin you around and send you in a totally unexpected direction. Throughout the ages poets have enabled us to see our world from unique perspectives. Russell Streur continues to do just that with a sharp eye and panache.
—Grace Hawthorne, author of the award-winning Shorter's Way and Waterproof Justice.

These are not easy poems—do I dare say, I had to open a dictionary? They manifest a certain, definite erudition and ought to be read carefully.  The first poem made me laugh out loud in enjoyment…and it isn’t easy to make me laugh.  And “Kochifos Women” struck a major
chord…oh, but of course!  
—G. Tod Slone, Editor, The American Dissident

In Fault Lines, Russell Streur plays with words in much the same way that children assail playgrounds. He enthusiastically attacks every bit of referential equipment, and is unwilling, much to the delight of his spectators, to forego trying even a single bit of connotative frivolity.

This book beckons its readers to swing higher and faster, to climb over the language’s many
nuances, and to slide from one similitude to another. This collection insists that the rhetoric of the sandbox is always warm, hence always fun, and that the cooler symbols, left to the sidelined guardians of semantics, will provide refreshing treasures for all of us after we join Russell in
—Dr. KJ Hannah Greenberg, author of Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs and Word Citizen:
Uncommon Thoughts on Writing, Motherhood, and Life in Jerusalem.

Streur’s words kick ass big time.
—Catfish McDaris, author of Sleeping With the Fish and Buffalo Nickels.